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Legal fees

As a firm we made a decision to offer block fees for all matters. The reasoning for this is so that our clients know what their costs will be associated with their matters.

We break the block fee into an initial block fee and then if necessary a trial block fee if a trial is necessary in the matter.

The initial block fee and the trial block fee(if necessary) will depend on the complexity of your case, the lawyer handling your file, and the amount of time that will be required for trial (if required). We are happy to discuss potential fees in your case.

Criminal fees

Block fee and Fee struture

Criminal matters

Criminal fees often involve block fees. We do offer these type of retainers in criminal matters. The typical structure for these types of arrangements will involve a set block fee for the obtaining and reviewing of disclosure, discussing the matter with you and determining your various options. If a trial is necessary an additional block fee is charged based on the anticipated length of trial. We are happy to discuss our rates and what may be involved in your particular situation. The amount of a block fee will depend on the nature of the charge as well as the complexity of the case.

Given the length of time it takes to get to trial in Ontario we are often willing to accept a payment plan for trial fees provided that all fees are paid in advance of trial. In addition to retainer fees disbursements fees are charged for out of pocket expenses such as, photocopies, faxes, experts, medical reports, photographs, etc.

We are happy to discuss our fee structure with you at any time..

Likely you had not considered having to pay for legal representation before this matter came up. While we do not have a payment plan formula it is possible to set up a schedule of payment to spread the fees over a period of time. We are always happy to discuss your fees as it important for you to know what costs to expect over the lifespan of your case.

For your convenience we do accept Cash, Money Orders, Certified Cheques, Mastercard, and Visa

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